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structure, connection, infinite divisibility time vs. space (spatial)? ground, (grounding)? time sequencing, — patterns, mark, scuff, scratches, undulations, caresses,

(stroke, smooth, brush, embrace, enfold,

(rub against), latent, potential, dormant, inactive, inert, hidden, veiled; marks that are unintentional, as well as intentional.

The unexplained, not-known, without reason, or knowledge of, the scratches that

connect, albeit unknowingly, beyond what we know to what is not recognized

— (non-identify, absolute difference (diffidence) oversight, omission, overlook,


non-identification of an object, an idea,

a mark, recognition of existence, perception, experiential, value, quality,


absence, unrealized, unmaterialized, potential unconceived, unimagined, dissolved

myth. storytelling. action.


How does one describe time? or events 'over' time.


Do we interject our experiences into a moment to make sense of something we don't know about?


Do we enter into a silent agreement with our environment? The world around us is where the myth of experience starts to evolve. We become the catalyst of change.


before my ‘entering’  –  after i ‘leave’?


Everything we know and don’t know is relational. It is naive to assume that we as individuals are the beginning -middle-end, and that our particular ‘moment’ is more special, more original, novel; realizing a caress that may have touched something else in some other ‘time’, connects the past with the future. For every action there has been an inaction, a latency. The sequencing of matter or conceptual understanding, is always in flux. These 'places' are moving. Some things are not ‘attainable’ but are conceivable. Nonactivity does not equal nonexistence.


temporality. impermanence. transient.


Are there isolated experiences, single moments? Do we live only in stringed vignettes of many individual, solo moments? Can we call these ‘landscapes’ in our thoughts ours? Are there lone circumstances?, or is it the unity of experience, experience beyond our own experience that is integral, that which gives meaning to any part?


The marks of others’ experiences, the marks of events unknown, those that are not acknowledged... These occurrences happen everyday, and have happened through all of time, yet so many ‘moments’ are not noted at all. They are not random, elusive, disparate acts, rather they have not yet been realized as parts of a greater whole. The ‘non-identified’ scratches that do exist represent a foundation of unified matter.


For a connection to occur between what we know and the unknown, it is for us to attempt a dialogue with the other. In this condition we may start to see that which are the woven patterns of life.


I wish to establish a link to inner, timeless moments. The remnants of experience through time, use and wear. Whether one sees marks on a subway wall or on a midwestern grain silo, these ‘places’ form an introduction to the lives that move across these surfaces, sometimes merely brushing up against momentarily, sometimes distilling, into a constant drone like a locust.  

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